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Welcome to NordicMix 2018

Thursday 10 May – Saturday 12 May at Karlstad Congress Culture Centre (KCCC)
 We are very pleased to welcome you to the 2018 annual barbershop convention, this time in sunny Karlstad – also, a convention which promises to be an extra special event! As you may already know, we will organize this event combined between the men´s organization SNOBS and the women´s organization Sweet Adelines, the Nordic Light Region 32 (NLR). The name for this spectacular joint convention is NordicMix.
The convention fee will give you a great opportunity to see all competitions for males, females and mixed quartets! The convention will stretch over more days than usual, starting already on Thursday, May 10. Please note that you may therefore have to travel to Karlstad earlier than the regular conventions.
The preliminary schedule is as follows:
Thursday May 10 – quartet competitions and Acapella Bar
Male quartets and female quartets competes at KCCC starting directly after lunch. In the evening, there will be ”Acapella Bar” at a nice venue (not yet decided); an opportunity for everyone to gather, chat, meet and greet friends new and old, have a drink and of course enjoy some singing.

Friday May 11 – male chorus competition, mixed quartet competition and Olle Nyman’s Concert

The male choruses compete for the coveted medals followed by the brand new competition for mixed quartets (men and women). In the evening, there will be a marvelous concert in memory of Olle Nyman, a cherished tradition from SNOBS. All events will be held at KCCC. Tickets for the “Olle Nyman Memorial Concert” is not included in the registration price, all will need to be purchased separately.
Saturday May 12 – female chorus competition, male quartet finals, Show of Champions and Afterglow
We will continue at KCCC with the female chorus competition and then finish the contests with the male quartet finals. In the evening there will be the grand Show of Champions and of course the Afterglow!!! You will be able to sing together, have fun in our tag-contest, dance to live music and meet friends old and new!
NEW! Mixed quartet competition!
The mixed quartet competition is the latest addition within the barbershop sport, and is increasing in popularity. Sweden has recently become a prominent country in international mixed quartet competitions. Now you will have the chance to participate in the first ever Nordic Championship for mixed quartets! The competition is open for quartets with both male and female singers. There must be at least one singer of each gender in the quartet and all must be registered members of their respective barbershop organization (I e SNOBS or Nordic Light Region). No singer may be part of more than one quartet in the mixed quartet competition, where you compete with two songs. Complete contest rules will be available at Information on how to register will be provided in Convention letter 1.
Accommodation in Karlstad
A large number of hotel rooms in Karlstad have been blocked for the convention participants to ensure that everyone has a place to stay. Please state the code ”NordicMix” when making room reservations, you will get a discount in most cases. In this NordicMix 2018 Hotel list you will find all available hotels. Click link.
The convention headquarter hotel will be Scandic Winn, phone +46 54776 47 00
2018 Regional Judging Panel for the NLR female contests
Mary Rhea, Sound Judge                         Corinna Garriock, Music Judge
Karen Sweeters, Expression Judge         Renée Porzel, Showmanship Judge & Panel Chair
2018 Judging Panel for the SNOBS male contests
David Wright, Music            Steve Scott, Singing              Sean Devine, Performance
Clay Hine, Music                 Tim Marron, Singing              Dave Mc Eachern, Performance
For the mixed quartet competition, there will be a judging panel consisting mainly of the judges from the male competition, with addition of some judges from the female competitions.
New website and Facebook group
Information will continuously be posted on the NordicMix webpage, that is expected to be up and running before Christmas. A Facebook group for NordicMix will also be formed!
Important: Quartets wishing to compete must be registered with Sweet Adelines International no later than January 15th, 2018 or with SNOBS no later than April 1st, 2018 in order to be able to compete in May.
More information will be provided in January 2018 in Convention Letter No 1.
The Regional Convention Committee
Henrik Rosenberg, SNOBS
Kerstin Brindbergs, Events Coordinator Nordic Light Region