Yet another convention weekend to put in the history books. The weekend started off with the Olle Nyman Memorial Concert at Pelles Lusthus. A great line up, including Baltic Harmony, Q-tones, Lemon Squeezy, zero 8 and Ringmasters. The Olle Nyman annual award was given to Doug Harrington for his recent fine efforts with zero 8, but also for many years of excellent coaching, working with youth and leading choruses as well as being one of the mentors for the Ringmasters in making. The Olle Nyman Foundation gave out a money prize to the director of the Dacke Drängar chorus, Anna Ivarsson, to help her get to the Directors College at Harmony University in St Joe, USA, later this year. Ringmasters gave the audience half an hour of chord crushing at the end of the show and showed everyone how barbershop should be sung. Very motivating!
As the weekend passed, it was proven that SNOBS continues to deliver high caliber groups in both the quartet and chorus contests, which were held at Culturum – a great venue for a capella! Zero 8 won the chorus gold and improved their scores from last year to 89,4 percent, to be put into the ranking leading to International in Las Vegas, USA, in 2014. The silver medals went to the EntertainMen, who scored 80,5 percent and now are in draw for a “wild card” for International in Vegas. Back in the medals, winning the third place bronze medals, were Falu Miner Chords, who scored 63,8 percent. The chorus contest was very good and the non medalling groups were very close to the third place.
Our reigning International College quartet champions, Lemon Squeezy, has kept improving by heaps and bounds. They were quite outstanding and scored a great 84,4 percent score in our ”big boys contest”, which puts them as 8th in the rank leading into International in Toronto in July this year. Second place was taken by Absolut, who were back in business with a new bass, former International quartet champ Jamie Meyer. They got 78,5 percent which gives them a 21st place rank leading into International. Third place went to Q-tones, who scored 77,5 percent and a 23rd place in the International rank. There were overall many great performances in a really good quartet contest.
Qualifying for the International College contest in Toronto was the brand new quartet Lallerstedts, who scored solid 76,0 percent. It will be interesting to follow these young chaps and their progress in the next few months.
New senior champs were Roll On, which with a score of 64,0 percent, qualified for the International Senior contest at Midwinter in January 2014. Good luck, boys! The Show of Champions which was brilliantly MC’d by the local comedian Anders Tegner, gave us more of the medalling groups, plus the female top quartet Vocality and the female sextet Q. A real treat to the audience, who also was surprised by the first act, the local singer/songwriter Zubaida Qamar who played amplified music at this a capella concert. Most amusing and entertaining!
For complete score sheets, see the score sheet section. SNOBS finally would like to thank the two local barbershoppers Niclas Lindgren and Fredrik Fornell, for making this happen. Niclas has been a major force in marketing the event and Fredrik was the mastermind behind many practicalities and logistics during the convention. Applause! Lastly, big thanks to the brilliant volunteers behind the stage and in the reception area!! And to our reigning International champs, Ringmasters – a huge bow and big applause for singing continuously at all possible times and events! You were true champs and handled the challenge with excellence! You are a great inspiration to many of our members!
Henrik Rosenberg, SNOBS President