During the SNOBS ”kick off” of the Convention on the Thursday´s ”Olle Nyman Memorial Concert”, hosted by the daughters of Olle – Anna Rosenberg and Malin Nyman – the 2012 International champions Ringmasters were awarded with the 2014 award. The Ringmasters guys (Jakob Stenberg, Rasmus Krigström, Emanuel Roll and Martin Wahlgren) spoke nicely about their first memories of barbershop and meeting Olle back in 2006.
RM OlleAward Martin OlleAward
The ceremony was part of the annual concert, where many prominent groups sang. The EntertainMen and Zero8 as the Swedish choral flagships and Lemon Squeezy with Ringmasters themselves as the current ”hot” quartets. Other fine singing was also done by our guests Harmunichs and Hanfris as well as Q-tones.