The fabulous weekend in Nyköping is over – but the chords are still ringing in our minds and hearts.
To put it short – SNOBS had a first on so  many different levels over the weekend. We just revamped the website, we launched our new logo, we premiered our events on a webcast (which you will be able to see up to a month after the event) and we had record many choruses on stage!
What will echo the most  around the globe, though, is probably the level of singing that qualified us no less than FIVE quartets plus three collegiate quartets for the Las Vegas International Championships this summer!! That will be hard to match! Adding to that the two choruses that we are sending as well…. it is no lie to say that there is something going on out there in the Nordic barbershop hemisphere! It may be the water. Or the amount of work that is being put in from everyone at all levels, out there. Keep it up, folks!
Scoresheets are now published as well.
The Zero8 gold medal performance 2014 (Photo: Ursula Kölle)