SNOBS' vision


SNOBS shall be a common organ to coordinate male barbershop singers in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland och Sweden). SNOBS shall work

1. to spread, develop and preserve the barbershop music style within choruses and quartets in the Nordic countries;

2. to facilitate and connect contacts between barbershop singers in the above mentioned countries; and

3. to develop and maintain contacts with other barbershop organizations, national as well as international.

SNOBS also annually organizes a convention including contests for choruses and quartets, mainly for its own members, but also open to international visitors and contestants.
We will keep on working on facilitating possibilities for our membership to get the best education possible within our style, both by setting up educational events and sending out educaters to the groups in our organization.

SNOBS shall also facilitate possibilities for non-barbershop singers to try out our hobby and get guidance and help to become members  and find a group to sing with. We will keep on working towards setting up new chapters in cities where we still don´t have any barbershop choruses.

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