SNOBS 2024 Quartet Championships – Competitors

SNOBS – Women’s Quartets

Bang on the Beatroot

A down to earth quartet, who strives for beet-red passion and grounded root notes. We don’t beat around the bush with the fact that we are bursting with excitement! Can’t wait to share what we have been cultivating this past year with y’all!

Tenor: Anna Thott, Pearls of the Sound
Lead: Linnéa Lindgren, Malmö Limelight Chorus
Baritone: Therese Antin, Öresound
Bass: Sofia Feuer, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus & Malmö Limelight Chorus

Songs (not in order of appearance)
It’s Only a Paper Moon   arr Clay Hine
I Wish You Love   arr David Wright
Love Walked in   arr Anastasio Rossi
Let Yourself Go Medley   arr Larry Wright

Jammingbirds Quartet

Happy to spread our wings for the first time in SNOBS!

Tenor: Klara Alexandersson, Malmö Limelight Chorus
Lead: Heidi Grill Magnusson, Malmö Limelight Chorus
Baritone: Jenny Marklund, Malmö Limelight Chorus
Bass: Anna Jönsson, Malmö Limelight Chorus

Songs (not in order of appearance):
The Moment I Saw Your Fries (The Moment I Saw Your Eyes Parody)   arr Joe Liles
Tyra’s Song (If You Love Me, Really Love Me Parody)   arr Nancy Bergman
When I Fall in Love   arr Ann Minihane
Button up Your Overcoat (parody)   arr Nancy Bergman

Keep Cruisin'

Let’s keep cruisin’!

Tenor: Sofia Sjöberg, Rönninge Show Chorus & Northern Stars
Lead: Jennie Lindgren, Northern Stars
Baritone: Lena Toyer, Rönninge Show Chorus
Bass: Kicki Jerre, Rönninge Show Chorus & Northern Stars

Songs (not in order of appearance):
Next Time I Love   arr Larry Wright
I Love Jazz Medley   arr David Wright
If I Give My Heart To You   arr Jim Clancy
Razzle Dazzle   arr Clay Hine

Over The Weekend

Over The Weekend started as a temporary quartet, put together for European Quartet School, 2023. When the weekend was over we realized we didn’t wanted to be, and so the temporary quartet became permanent.

Tenor: Maria Linder, Stockholm City Voices
Lead: Amanda Bülow, Stockholm City Voices
Baritone: Maija Högström, Stockholm City Voices
Bass: Elin Andersen, CAL

Songs (not in order of appearance):
Paralyzed   arr Brian Mastrull
Young and Foolish   arr Brent Graham
Cheer Up, Charlie   arr James Henry
Hit Me With A Hot Note   arr Patrick McAlexander

SNOBS – Men’s Quartets


We can safely say that Barbari is the best barbershop quartet in Iceland. Partly due to the fact that it is the only one. The chaps in Barbari take their role of ambassadors of harmony to Iceland very seriously. Having been active for over 10 years, they’ve explored a sizeable chunk of the Barbershop repertoire, and shared it with all who would hear it in Iceland!
This competition is their first time taking their barbershop singing to the international stage and they’re very excited to meet all of their fellow Nordic barbershopers.

Tenor: Karl Friðrik Hjaltason, CAL
Lead: Páll Sólmundur H. Eydal, CAL
Baritone: Gunnar Thor Örnólfsson, CAL
Bass: Ragnar Pétur Jóhannsson,CAL

Songs (not in order of appearance):
Chordbuster March   arr W.A.Wyatt
Lover Come Back To Me  arr Ed Waesche
Somebody Loves Me   arr Clay Hine
That Lucky Old Sun   arr David Wright

Chord Bro's

Old in numbers but young at heart.

Tenor: Morgan Löfvenholm, The EntertainMen
Lead: John Grenholm,The EntertainMen
Baritone: Johan Lund, The EntertainMen
Bass: Matts Pettersson, The EntertainMen

Senior Quartet

Songs (not in order of appearance)
From the First Hello   arr Lou Perry
Orange Colored Sky   arr Tom Gentry
Wild Irish Rose   arr Floyd Connett
Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie   arr Warren “Buzz” Haeger


Kickstart is a brand new barbershop quartet, started in Copenhagen in the spring of 2023.
The quartet consists of everything from barbershop rookies kickstarting their quartetting experience, to seasoned quartetters (mostly doing the kicking).
This years SNOBS will be our competition debut, and we can’t wait to share the start of our journey with you!

Tenor: Thomas Sørup Bavnhøj, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus
Lead: Jonas Juul Borgland, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus
Baritone: David Skjoldager Fangel, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus
Bass: Jonathan Ellegård Borch, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus

Youth Quartet

Songs (not in order of appearance)
It’s Impossible   arr Rob Hopkins
All of Me   arr Scott Kitzmiller
Summertime   arr Bob O’Connell
Each Time I Fall in Love   arr S. K. Grundy

Lemon Squeezy

Four chord smacking choir boys!
2023 International Silver Medalists, 2016 SNOBS champions, 2016 international Silver Medalists.

Tenor: Victor Nilsson, Zero8
Lead: David Holst, Zero8
Baritone: Sam Molavi, Zero8
Bass: Martin Jangö Fornander, Zero8

Songs (not in order of appearance)
Seeing For The Very First Time   arr David Wright
Pass Me The Jazz   arr Jeremy Johnson
She’s Out of My Life   arr David Harrington
Oh-Ho-Ho-Ho (Got the Rythm In My Heart)   arr Rasmus Krigström


Founded in 2021 by four members with the same goal: To get as good as we can and to one day compete among the best! After winning the European Championship in 2022, we were thrilled to try and take this to the next level and start aiming for the International stage! Some member reorganizations and some schedule incidents prevented us from going last year, but this year we are more ready than ever (which means a little more than last year), and excited to bring you a contest with some new material and some old goodies!

Tenor: Philip af Hällström, Zero8
Lead: Mikael Holst, Zero8
Baritone: Simon Isbäck, Zero8
Bass: Jonas Törnqvist, Zero8

Songs (not in order of appearance)
Just Like a Butterfly That’s Caught in the Rain   arr Simon Isbäck
I’ve Gotta Be Me   arr Victor Nilsson
The Time I Have (Den tid jag har)   arr Rasmus Krigström
You’ll Be Back   arr Simon Isbäck

Sound Of Stockholm

First time in this constellation, started in 2023.

Tenor: Per Hermansson, The EntertainMen, & Northern Stars
Lead: Dan Lindqwister, The EntertainMen & Northern Stars
Baritone: Peter Feldt, , The EntertainMen & Northern Stars
Bass: Ulf Danielsson, The EntertainMen

Songs (not in order of appearance)
Til There Was You   arr Robert Rund
Save the Last Dance for Me / Sway Medley   arr Aaron Dale
Your Nobody ’til Somebody Loves You   arr Clay Hine
Honesty   arr Kohl Kitzmiller

Space Goats

First time in this constellation, founded in fall of 2023.

Tenor: Christian Bark Pernebrink, Northern Stars
Lead: Michael Potts, CAL
Baritone: Henrik Rosenberg Adlerstam, Northern Stars
Bass: Joakim Flink, CAL

Songs (not in order of appearance)
These Foolish Things   arr Rasmus Krigström
Everybody Needs A Best Friend (from TED the Movie)   arr Jeremey Johnson
She   arr Rasmus Krigström
Beyond the Sea   arr Aaron Dale


Mic warming for the men’s quartet semi finals last year, under the name of STONKS, this quartet saw themselves fit to try their hand at the real thing, and the judges’ scrutinous assesments. A wrench was thrown in the works, however, when the wife of the quartet’s baritone due date was set as the 3rd of May. Scrambling for alternatives, the quartet was saved in their hour of need by the great Bertil Donsted Engberg. Despite normally singing tenor, he carries his part in Zoinks with all the grace, charm and wit that a baritone needs to shine on stage.
Zoinks are coming to give a scary good show!

Tenor: Mads Andersen, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus
Lead: Martin Løvgren Brøcker, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus
Baritone: Bertil Donsted Engberg, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus
Bass: Emil Løvgren Brøcker, Copenhagen Barbershop Chorus

Songs (not in order of appearance)
What’ll I Do?   arr Ed Waesche & Renee Craig
It’s Only a Paper Moon   arr Clay Hine
Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair   arr Ed Waesche
Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie   arr Warren “Buzz” Haeger

SNOBS – Mixed Quartets

A Great Shoutfit

A Great Shoutfit is a celebrated quartet with its roots in folk music, before switching into more hardcore acappella. They have won several gold medals at the biennial Wiener Bängerknaben festival before switching into barbershop because it ”rings more than bängerknaben”; an acappella style that includes cow bells (also known as ”acowbella”). It’s their 4th time on the barbershop competition stage, and if they win they have promised to sing a rendition of Edelweiss with all the bells on.

Tenor: Isabelle Rosell, Pearls of the Sound & Öresound
Lead: Lotte Engebladh Pearls of the Sound & Öresound
Baritone: Staffan Paulson, CAL
Bass: Christian Godden, CAL

Songs (not in order of appearance)
If Uou Love Me, Really Love Me   arr David Wright
It’s a Pity to Say Goodbye   arr Rasmus Krigström
Such a Night   arr Aaron Dale
If I Had My Way   arr David Harrington

The Hillbillys

European silver medallists 2022 and SNOBS silver medallists 2022-2023.

Tenor: Hillevi Billinger, Northern Stars
Lead: Anna Rosenberg Adlerstam, Pearls of the Sound & Northern Stars
Baritone: Sofia Hagman,Pearls of the Sound
Bass: Henrik Rosenberg Adlerstam, Northern Stars

Songs (not in order of appearance)
Paralyzed   arr Brian Mastrull & Henrik Rosenberg
Come In from The Rain   arr Rasmus Krigström
I Have Nothing   arr Aaron Dale
Love On Top   arr Aaron Dale

PHK - Pastor Hannes Kör

Not your conventional quartet – although we LOVE conventions! 🙂

Tenor: Anna Öhman, CAL
Lead: Richard Öhman, CAL
Baritone: Naima Meyer, CAL
Bass: Jamie Meyer, CAL

Songs (not in order of appearance)
Howlin´ at the Moon   arr Rasmus Krigström
Backwards   arr Matt Astle
Unbelievable / A little joy   arr Johan Wikström
My Wonderful Pain in the Ass   arr Johan Wikström

Stay Tuned

Stay Tuned was formed in 2018, in 2022 was the first time we competed and in 2023 we showed up as mike warming quartet at the SNOBS mixed semi finals. All four of us have compted for many times in different constellations through the years.

Tenor: Charlotte Fröhberg, Pearls of the Sound & Öresound
Lead: Carolin Nordstrand, CAL
Baritone: Martin Fröhberg, Öresound
Bass: Johannes Bergman, Northern Stars

Songs (not in order of appearance)
I Love Being Here with You   arr Aaron Dale
All the Way   arr Tom Gentry
Tain´t What You Do   arr Patrick McAlexander
What I Did for Love   arr Theodore Hicks


The deck was shuffled and Wildcard appeared before us. Tenor of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Base of Spades. We have only rehearsed since December 2023, so a pretty young formation. We currently sing in The EntertainMen, Alba and Northern Stars.

Tenor: Ditte Erbing, Alba Show Chorus
Lead: Anna Emtfors Nisson, Northern Stars
Baritone: John “Jompa” Grenholm, The EntertainMen
Bass: Fredrick Rustum, The EntertainMen

Songs (not in order of appearance)
Java Jive Blue   arr Grass Student Union
Come Fly With Me   arr Kevin Keller
Sweet Roses of Morn   arr Floyd Connect
Someone Like You   arr Kohl Kitzmiller