Event tickets and convention registration

Tickets to individual events and convention registrations can be purchased by using this link.

Information Desk

The Information Desk is located in the lobby at Kalmarsalen.

Opening hours

Thursday 12:30-15:00
Friday 09:00-11:00
Please pick up all badges for your chorus/quartet at the same time!

At the info desk you can pick up pre-ordered badges, get general convention information. Print badges after paying for them at the ticket counter at Kalmarsalen (bought online or on site).


Click the map to zoom in.

Arena, stage & riser information

Click here for a digital tour of Kalmarsalen.

Competing choruses enter the arena via the main entrance at Skeppsbrogatan 49,, where contest assistants will guide along the path.

Competing quartets enter the arena via the stage entrance at Södra Långgatan 60A, where contest assistants will guide along the path.

All groups may use their warmup rooms for singing before going backstage. Choruses will first get 15 min in a room without risers and then 10 min in a room with riser.

The stage is entered from the right side – audience perspective – and exit is to the left.

There is limited space to keep personal items during the performance, so please bring as few things as possible to the arena. Your belongings will be taken care of by contest assistants during your performance and shall be picked up as soon as possible after getting off the stage. The convention committee cannot be held responsible for any valuables.

There are unattended cloak rooms in the entrance hall at Kalmarsalen.

For a detailed decription of the way from entrance to stage see Traffic Pattern.

Risers on stage
For the chorus competition 13 risers will be used where the center riser will be reversed, thus creating 3 “flat” risers in the middle. The distance from the first step of the middle riser to the edge of the stage will be 6,9 meters.


All contest sessions and shows will be available through our Live Webcast. Delayed viewing will be available for a limited time after the convention to give you the time to view your favorites again and again.

Between performances there will be interviews with contestants and other special guests.

To watch the webcast click here!

The webcast is subject to a small fee, payment details are available on the webcast site.


There will be no arrangements made for lunch by the convention. There are several restaurants available within the nearby area,

Contest setup

Separate quartet/chorus contests for men/women/mix where a total of 6 gold medals will be awarded to the winner of each category.

To qualify for BHS international competition 2023 in Lousiville for quartets,  an average score of 77 point over 4 songs is required. Official invitation to be sent by the Executive Director of BHS.

The average required for choruses to qualify for BHS international competition in 2024 has not yet been decided by BHS. Official Invitation to be sent by the Executive Director of BHS. SNOBS will nominate choruses with a score of minimum 80,0 but the number of invites are subject to invitation from BHS.


SNOBS Contest Rules 2023

Trophies & awards

The following trophies and awards will be awarded during the competition

  • Grand Prix Quartet Trophy
  • Most Improved Quartet Trophy
  • Rookie of the Year Trophy
  • Youth Quartet Trophy
  • Senior Quartet Trophy
  • Grand Prix Chorus Trophy
  • Most Improved Chorus Trophy