Application for competing in SNOBS 2024 is now closed

Competing participants - inform your group representatives!

Registration for all competing participants is made via the competing group.

If you compete with several groups, you have to inform your group representatives which is your 1st, 2nd, 3rd group etc.

  • Via the 1st group you will pay registration+membership fee
  • Via the 2nd group you will pay nothing
  • Via the 3rd group you will pay 200 SEK
  • Via the 4th group you will pay 200 SEK
  • etc

To calculate the correct fee, your group representative also needs to know if you are an NLR member and if you are younger than 27.


Group representatives - Apply to compete and register participants for your group!

To compete in a SNOBS Competition at the NordicMix Convention in Helsingborg 2024, each group need to fulfill 3 steps.

1. File an Application to Compete form for your group. This form also collects background information for the webcast and the app, including a picture of the group and an estimated on-stage number. This information can be modified until March 11th (song details until April 30th).

2. You will (with some delay) receive a link to a Participant Registration, specific for your group. In that Google sheet you list all competing members. Based on this, the total fee for the group is calculated.
The following details are required for each participant:

    • First name
    • Surname
    • Which fee is the member paying via your group
      • Competing 1st group – Registration+membership fee
      • Competing 2nd group – No fee
      • Competing 3rd/4th group – 200 SEK
    • SNOBS Adult / SNOBS Youth (max 27) / NLR member / Convention Committee member
    • Voice Part (for badge)
    • Other groups (for badge)

This information can be modified until March 11th.

3. Pay the total fee for your group according to the sum and instructions in the Participant Registration sheet. The sum includes the SNOBS membership fee for all competitors. Deadline for payment is March 31st.
Mark the payment with your group name (one lump sum for the whole group). SNOBS’s bankgiro is 5758-5697.

Please Note!

    • All competing members must be listed in the Participant Registration. Members who compete in more than one group shall be listed on each group´s Participant Registration. This is a change from previous years.
    • Non-competing guests shall not be listed. They will instead buy their registration (or separate tickets) in the webshop.

Email any questions to SNOBS at


Apply to Compete March 11th
Participant Registration March 11th
Pay total fee March 31st

Nordic Light Region NLR and SNOBS have decided that women’s quartets/choruses are only allowed to compete in one of the convention competitions, either NLR or SNOBS. Individual singers are allowed to compete in both organizations’ competitions, as long as they compete with different groups.

Preview of Participant Registration